Hunter, our 8 year old son, was constantly doing this funny thing with his neck. It was driving us crazy. We thought he was just doing it out of nervousness. He would be running down the basketball court doing his “neck thing” as we called it. His brothers were telling him to stop doing it. We made an appointment with Dr. Stump. We saw Dr. Stump twice and Hunter hasn’t done his neck thing again. We were so excited and even Hunter said “I don’t have to do that with my neck”. We appreciate the time and patience that Dr. Stump took with Hunter to make him feel better and make us happy.


My story begins with Dr. Stump as my customer when I was installing his home security system. I told him about the pain I was having in my left arm. He said he had seen patients with similar symptoms, many times. He asked if I would come in to his office and see about treatments. I started seeing Dr. Stump about 2 months ago for adjustments in my shoulder and neck, and electrostimulation therapy on my neck. In only 2 months and about 8 visits later I am completely healed. I have NO pain at all in my arm or shoulder anymore. Almost like a miracle! Thanks to Dr. Stump I have my life back. I can do everything I used to do. I sleep better. Plus my golf game has improved by almost 20 strokes. Give it a try! Chiropractics work!


Until being treated by Dr. Aaron Stump I had experienced episodes of vertigo as well as numbness in my hands and fingers. After only a few treatment sessions the dizziness disappeared and the numbness occurred less often. I attribute the improvements to the treatments/adjustments Dr. Stump gave me.


For the last two year I have been suffering from severe lower back pain, especially in the morning. It has been very difficult for me to even get up from my bed. My pain was getting worse when I began consuming 5000 IU of Vitamin D3. I reduced the dosage to 1000 IU, which helped my back pain a little, but not in the morning. I attended a lecture by Dr. Stump, on spine disorders at the YMCA, last month. I was impressed so I decided to ask Dr. Stump’s opinion about my back pain. Per Dr. Stump’s advice, I took a couple of treatments at his clinic. To my surprise my lower back pain, in the morning, has completely vanished and now I am totally free from lower back pain. This letter is to “Thank you” very much, for treating me at your clinic and for making my pain go away.

Needless to say, in the past I have taken other treatments like ultra-sound, TENS-unit, and medications but all had temporary relief. Once again I thank you for correctly diagnosing and treating my problem to my satisfaction.

I recommend everyone who is suffering from bone, joint, and spine related pain to take Dr. Stump’s opinion and treatment. I wish Dr. Stump the best of luck and congratulate him for his success.


I am an active 65 year old who previously sought chiropractic care for restricted neck movement and related nerve pain. Although the nerve pain was relieved, the range of motion issue was not fully corrected. Following a recent shoulder injury, I sought help from Dr. Aaron Stump at Gastonia Spine & Sport. After 6 visits, he eliminated the pain and restored the normal range of motion in my shoulder. He also significantly improved the range of motion in my neck. Based on these results, I can strongly recommend Dr. Stump’s holistic approach to correct muscular and skeletal problems.


I am so glad that I responded to my intuition to visit Dr. Stump! Although I have been blessed to live pain free for many years, I hurt my knee and for months suffered with pain and loss of movement. After seeing an orthopedist and receiving a series of cortisone shots I felt little improvement. I was dismayed at my lack of progress. However, when someone said to me, “Now that you are older you just have to accept this as a part of life,” I knew that I wanted to explore other options. Fortunately, I found Dr. Stump.

Although I was skeptical with my initial visit, Dr. Stump and Stephanie put me at ease immediately with their relaxed and gentle atmosphere. I was also very impressed with Dr. Stump’s knowledge and professional attitude. In addition to providing chiropractic adjustments to correct my condition, Dr. Stump spent time talking with me to help me understand my injury. He provided me with information that helps me manage my pain at home and with exercises to help strengthen my muscles. I feel that Dr. Stump has been more than a chiropractor to me – he has been a wellness coach and for that I am grateful.

When I began my chiropractic treatment I was taking prescription pain/anti-inflammatory medicine twice a day. Today I am able to manage my condition drug-free with the alternate methods that I have learned from Dr. Stump. I am convinced that Dr. Stump provided a quality of life that I would not have experienced had I not visited him this year.


God has given me a pretty good body, but over the years things have gone wrong. I first tried to see medical doctors to fix my jaw for T.M.J, my neck for herniated disk, my middle back for a disc that likes to slip out, and my right hip that moves or something which causes leg pain sometimes. I have been to other chiropractors, but nothing like the treatment here. I went through the four-week program and they have made me feel 20 years younger. Don’t be scared, they are there to help you through your pains. I now must move to the state of Washington as I am allergic to the sun. I wish I could take Dr. Stump with me. Thank you for making me feel wonderful! You are the greatest and I thank God for pointing me in the direction of this office, and your sincere care!

– M.E.